Légere Dance Centre strives for excellence in dance training while providing a creative and positive learning atmosphere. Our goal is to provide a professional dance education to students of all abilities and motivations. Classes will focus on technique, placement, flexibility, strength, and dramatic interpretation of music. Dance is a discipline of the mind and body. Our purpose is to focus the mind and develop the body in a positive manner. We aim to create an appreciation for this art form.

10 Reasons to Dance at Legere Dance Centre

1. Our professional, experienced teachers are dedicated and caring.
2. Classes focus on developing correct technique and placement.
3. We have a large studio space. (24'x42')
4. We have been in business for 20 years.
5. Our Spring Recital features beautiful costumes, innovative choreography, and professional lighting and flooring.
6. We are affiliated with Ballet Legere, offering students an extraordinary opportunity to perform with professional dancers.
7. Many of our students have gone on to dance at college and at a professional level.
8. Our positive atmosphere helps to inspire poise and confidence.
9. We offer a variety of dance styles, including ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and contemporary.
10. Our studio has a sprung floor to protect our student's feet, legs and bodies. Over 1500 sponges are glued to a suspended grid to create our state of the art floor.

Légere Dance Centre is the Home of Ballet Légere

New this year - Cecchetti

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